[one_third][heading subtitle="About Melina"] [/heading]With more that 15 years of HR experience, Melina has worked in variety of industries including retail, industrial operations, emergency services and local government.

Melina has been responsible for developing, implementing and assessing strategic HR initiatives in the all areas of the HR sphere. In addition she excels in Health and Safety program management including early and safe return to work and programs management and has been a past speaker for the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs on WSIB Claims Management.

Melina holds a post-graduate education in Human Resources Management with High Honours and is a Registered Member of the Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario (HRPA), maintaining a Certified Human Resources Professional (C.H.R.P.) designation.

Working out of our Canadian Office, Melina spends the summer fighting off bears and the winter sailing through the wilds of Ontario on a snowmobile (only one of those things are true - we'll leave it up to you to decide which one!)[/one_third]
[two_thirds_last][heading subtitle="What I Bring"] [/heading]
[bar_graph] [bar title="Client Support" percent="100" color="Accent-Color" id="b1"] [bar title="Recruitment" percent="97" color="Accent-Color" id="b2"] [bar title="Employment Legislation" percent="98" color="Accent-Color" id="b3"] [bar title="Workplace Health and Safety" percent="100" color="Accent-Color" id="b4"] [bar title="Compensation & Benefits" percent="82" color="Accent-Color" id="b5"] [bar title="Employee Policy Development" percent="97" color="Accent-Color" id="b6"] [bar title="Employee Relations" percent="88" color="Accent-Color" id="b7"] [bar title="Cooking (Just Kidding - this should only be 10%)" percent="61" color="Accent-Color" id="b8"] [/bar_graph][/two_thirds_last]

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