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To best understand who I am, let me share with you what I believe in and what I stand for. Feel free to also read my history if you like, as it's the physical embodiment of how what a person believes directly impacts results.

I believe we (that is - you and me) control our future - we may not control the specific events in our future but we do control the person who will face those events. You and I have 100% control over who we will become and what choices we will make each day. We have control over how we will act and how we will affect (in infect) those around us - our family, friends, clients and strangers. And it is these choices that will shape our future.

I believe in developing my own skills and knowledge and most of all I believe in taking action. I believe in dreaming and daring to try things others may laugh at. And I believe if people aren't thinking I’m at least a little bit crazy then I’m probably not stretching myself.

I believe in balance. And I believe balance is a moving target and is different for everyone. Know one knows what I need better than me. And for me to be my best me, I need to look after me. Only then can I best serve others.

I believe in listening (really listening) more than talking. Particularly when others views are different from my own. I believe we all have blindspots; that confidence mixed with humility is the best path forward.

I believe in me. I believe I may not always have the answers, but I know and believe I can always find the answers and a way through. There are always options.

I believe in fun, laughter, and not taking life and myself too seriously. I’ve got big goals, but I believe in having loads of fun along the way.

I believe to have what you want in life requires clarity on exactly what that life entails (specifically) and developing an attitude, that makes achieving it inevitable.

I believe in surrounding myself with people that will help me grow and I believe in helping others to grow. Growing is not always easy and that’s why I like it. It’s what I’m here for.




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